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You’ve got enough to worry about fighting the virus without worrying about criminal groups taking advantage. That is why we’re offering our healthcare threat intelligence free of charge for distribution to hospitals around the world for the next few months.

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  • Initial 13 page Threat Intelligence Report covering:

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  • Executive Briefing
  • Threat Actor Descriptions
  • Applying Threat Intelligence to Your Systems
  • Chronology of Targeted Ransomware in Hospitals and Health Clinics
  • Technical Indicator of Compromise pack related to Targeted Ransomware threat actors, for deployment to institutions or national capabilities
  • Regular updates on threat actors over the period.

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Connected Health

Connected Health is a rapidly growing area with huge innovative possibilities and potential. This is mostly due to the uptake of digital technologies in the health and medical fields that support diagnosis, treatment and management of health conditions.

It is however crucially important that security of Connected Health products, systems and services is baked in by design. The health context also demands its own consideration of security risks and implications. Security research in Connected Health also needs to be done responsibly - fear mongering in this space could reduce public trust and uptake of potentially lifesaving and life-changing technologies.

Generally, existing security research in the connected health industry seems to be focused on three key areas: implantable medical devices, security of equipment and networks in hospitals and methods by which implantable devices can be defended while still remaining accessible to medical staff in an emergency. Connected Health however is a much broader and varied topic, with many potentially interesting application areas such as personal health care through connected devices, age-related health care and mental health.

Although purely technical solutions are of vital importance in Connected Health security, enforcing secure solutions or making security a priority will be difficult without agreed standards throughout the industry and government legislation .

In our whitepaper we explore the Connected Health landscape, and present the security challenges and considerations required to deliver a Connected Health ecosystem that works for all in a secure and safe way.


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