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Guide: How to comply with EBA IT Outsourcing Regulations

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Download our guide to discover the latest EBA IT Outsourcing requirements and NCC Group's advice for achieving compliance.

This guide will help your organisation to:

  • Ensure compliance with European Banking Authority (EBA) guidelines and recommendations on outsourcing arrangements and outsourcing to the cloud.
  • Establish, implement and maintain business continuity plans and exit plans for critical or important outsourcing arrangements.
  • Conduct and document a risk assessment of outsourcing arrangements and adequately manage third-party risks.

Ebook: 7 steps to comply with EBA IT Outsourcing Regulations

Download our e-Book to find out the five key focus areas governed by the EBA. We'll also take you through the 7 key steps to achieving regulatory compliance ensuring you establish a consistent and robust approach to third-party risk management.

On-demand Webinar: Cloud Resilience in the Finance Sector

Discover how to categorise third-party dependencies on their criticality and concentration risk and the solutions to managing the risk of procuring and implementing SaaS applications.

Cloud Guide: Enhance the resilience of SaaS applications

Are your SaaS applications meeting all regulatory requirements? Does your SaaS infrastructure have a regularly tested business continuity plan in place? In our guide we break down the key stages to developing a robust Cloud Resilience strategy and recommend solutions to ensure the continuity of your SaaS applications.

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