At NCC Group, we see over 95% of our customers engaging in some form of digital transformation – and all of them are using cloud.

Cloud is evergreen. Always changing and opening up new opportunity but alongside opportunity also comes new threats.

Whilst the pace of change is already transforming countless industries, every new opportunity presents new challenges and vulnerabilities. This highlights the need for businesses to build the foundations to deliver resilience by becoming more secure in the cloud.

Cloud Resilience Webinar Series: Part 1

View the first of our three-part Cloud Resilience webinar series as we explore how businesses can transition from reactive recovery measures to perusing more secure, proactive and resilient continuity plans. Senior Advisor Nigel Gibbons and Head of Product Jamie Mackay kick off our Cloud Resilience webinar series off by introducing the three core principles behind NCC Group’s secure and resilient approach to business transformation in the cloud; assess, deploy, manage.

Becoming resilient and Secure in the Cloud

Firms are increasingly reliant on third-party solutions to carry out their day-to-day activities, this reliance makes firms vulnerable to disruption, as control over service fulfilment falls outside of the organisation.

In the event of third-party service disruption damage can extend beyond the individual firm, compromising its customers and potentially even the industry the organisation operates in. 

This has also been recognised as an area of focus for UK authorities, including the FCA and PRA.

So how can businesses ensure they’re meeting the required regulations and compliance standards when implementing new cloud technologies?

In the second instalment of our cloud resilience webinar series, Head of Product, Jamie Mackay delves deeper into our assess, deploy and manage methodology concerning third-party outsourcing. From assessing what remediation activity is required to maintain compliance through to deploying and managing the most appropriate risk mitigation solution, Jamie gives an insight into how the Group’s three-stage journey works from a software resiliency perspective, specifically within the financial services industry.

Third-Party Outsourcing and Operational Resilience in the Cloud

As we move into a cloud-first world, which enables so much in terms of speed, scale and flexibility, it is important for organisations to pay close attention to and to remediate any potential risks they may have.

But how can organisations truly embrace the benefits of Cloud computing whilst feeling truly secure and resilient?

After exploring the three core principles behind our Cloud resilience offering, in our final installment of our webinar series, we'll dive into the technical capabilities of      Escrow as a Service .

Cloud Resilience Webinar Series: Part 3

Our Verification Consultant, Richard Wilde, provides a detailed analysis of how Escrow as a Service works by taking you through the entire scope of the solution, from the initial assessment phase all the way through to deploying the solution.

Richard will also discuss how we work with our strategic partners AWS and Azure to implement our Escrow as a Service solution, what happens if an Escrow release is triggered and some of the most common cloud arrangements we encounter from a software resiliency perspective.

A Technical Deep Dive into Escrow as a Service

Meet the Speakers

Jamie Mackay, Head of Product and Innovation at NCC Group

Jamie has a proven track record in advising and managing programmes of NCC Group’s services to support some of the largest global financial service organisations to strengthen their business continuity plans.

Nigel Gibbons, Senior Advisor & Associate Director at NCC Group

A passionate voice and thought leader on Privacy and Cybersecurity. Experienced delivering the real business transformational benefits of Cloud Computing and making the shift to a Cybersecure operating model.

Richard Wilde, Senior Verification Consultant at NCC Group

As one of our most experienced consultants delivering EaS verifications, Richard is responsible for the end-to-end completion of software auditing exercises; and the secure deposit of subsequently verified source code

Discover how NCC Group and NatWest Ventures are helping fintech businesses to innovate and grow with a responsible and sustainable approach to continuity and resilience with the support of Software Resilience Solutions. Download the case study below.

Software Resilience Case Study

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